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Aperçu de Bathysmal Rise

Ecrit par Ox Lee, le 10-11-2014

A l'approche de la sortie de Fate of Arun, la prochaine extension pour TERA, l'éditeur nord-américain du jeu, En Masse, a révélé de nouvelles informations concernant les donjons qui feront leur entrée avec Fate of Arun. Au nombre de quatre, Sabex Armory, Macellarius Catacombs, Ravenous Gorge et Bathysmal Rise vous demanderont de relever de nouveaux défis et d'affronter des boss encore plus terrifiants.

Un aperçu du donjon Bathysmal Rise est disponible dans la vidéo ci-dessous. Un court descritptif des différents dontjons de Fate of Arun est également disponible à la suite de cette news (EN).


Sabex Armory
  • Location | Level: Spring Valley | 61+
  • Key Features: Stop the forces of the Archdevan Imperial Army as they attempt to create weapons needed to win the war and conquer the Baraka city once and for all.
  • Description: Although the Sabex Armory is a test of the players’ skill and teamwork in the face of terrible odds, the evil arcanist blood mages see the players’ arrival as an opportunity to test their latest, most insidious weapons under actual battle conditions.
Macellarius Catacombs
  • Location | Level: Spring Valley | 64+
  • Key Features: Enter the Macellarius Catacombs high in the windswept mountains of Arx Umbra, in the darkest corridors of the archdevans’ citadel to find a nightmarish laboratory.
  • Description: Here lies the dark lord Dakuryon and his legion of twisted arcanists conduct horrific experiments on living beings, using foul “blood magic” to reshape flesh and spirit creating abominations to crush resistance to Dakuryon’s rule… or just to satisfy his diabolical curiosity.
Ravenous Gorge
  • Location | Level: Savage Reach | 65+
  • Key Features: Home of savage beasts, where even the bravest warriors of the native Khirians fear to go – this jungle-shrouded grotto will be one of the most dangerous instances players will encounter in Northern Arun.
  • Description: The Ravenous Gorge pits the Vanguard Initiative’s best against challenging yet familiar boss BAMs…culminating in a battle with the great bird Nimistrix, who launches attacks from the skies and can summon devastating windstorms.
Bathysmal Rise
  • Location | Level: Ex Prime | 65+
  • Key Features: Perhaps the most challenging new dungeon in Northern Arun, Bathysmal Rise is home to new bosses who employ a variety of new abilities and tactics to test teams of the most seasoned players.
  • Description: No one knows exactly why the giants built Bathysmal Rise, or what purpose it served—only that it is still watched over by the strange beasts and sentinels the giants put in place centuries ago.

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