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TERA fait un carton à la PAX, EME offre une vidéo

Ecrit par Proteus, le 13-04-2012

Cette année, En Masse Entertainment présentait TERA à la PAX East, et visiblement les retours sont très positifs. Histoire de revivre les évènements marquants de la PAX, voici une vidéo présentant les dernières infos, avec Michael Hogan et Claudia Black assurant le doublage des voix, Twilight Valley (encore jamais présentée au public) regorgeant d'Argons. Les démos mettaient l'accent sur le jeu en équipe et la coopération afin de garder le Prêtre en vie, assurant la survie du Lancier au tank. Dans les méandres de Twilight Valley, vous ferez connaissance avec "Subject 5005", un des "Big Ass Monsters" Argon. Bon visionnage!


TERA Celebrates Successful PAX East with All-new Video Showcasing Exclusive PAX East Demo

En Masse Entertainment, the company behind the upcoming action MMO, TERA, is coming off a fantastic PAX East, where the company showed off TERA’s action combat and MMO depth to consumers and media. For those unable to attend the show in-person, En Masse Entertainment has put together a recap video of the action-paced demo showed at PAX East, as well as some new details that were unveiled.

At PAX East, En Masse Entertainment revealed, for the first time, world-class voiceover talent that is present in the world of TERA. Familiar to fans of modern Sci-fi, TERA’s cast of celebrities includes Michael Hogan of Battlestar Galactica fame and Claudia Black from Farscape and Stargate SG-1, whose characters in TERA will guide players through pivotal moments in the game’s plot.

En Masse Entertainment also showed off the never-before-seen Twilight Valley area of TERA, a lush garden that has been overrun by the Argons, a mechanical menace hell-bent on terraforming TERA’s world and killing off all organic life. The demo put a focus on team play and cooperation, and required good communication and coordination to keep the Priest healer safe and the Lancer tank dishing out damage on the front-line. After fighting their way through waves of Argon defenses, guests faced off against one of TERA’s many Big-Ass Monsters, an Argon-captured Dagon beast known as Subject 5005. After an intense struggle, just when they thought the boss was about to fall, players were given another challenge as the boss transformed into an Argonomorph, a being infused with Argon powers. While there were a few close calls, players found that after they slayed the giant beast, order was returned to the Twilight Valley.

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