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Découverte de Temple of Temerity lors de la GDC

Ecrit par Proteus, le 15-03-2012

TERA était de la partie à la dernière GDC, et la presse a eu l'occasion de visiter Temple of Temerity, une instance haut niveau (58-59). Au menu: défendre une relique face aux hordes de monstres qui ne souhaitent que vous la piquer. Cette relique est à protéger pendant 20 minutes, et ça semble assez costaud de ce qu'on en voit. Bien entendu, les récompenses seront à la hauteur du challenge.
Autre nouvelle: une série d'eBooks est annoncée par En Masse Entertainment. La sortie est prévue le 15 mars. Si cette série vous intéresse, vous pouvez vous rendre sur cette page pour la découvrir.

Regardez la vidéo de cette instance à la suite de cette news.


TERA Recaps Successful GDC with New Video, Debuts New E-book Series

En Masse Entertainment, the company behind the upcoming action MMO, TERA, is pleased to have shown new end-level content—the Temple of Temerity—to select media at Game Developers Conference 2012. With TERA’s North American release of May 1 just around the corner, the production team had plenty of updates to share, including a new level 60 cap and the game’s nexus system, a persistent-world random event that throws players into challenging high-level, action-heavy battles.

The all-new demo at GDC featured the Temple of Temerity, a scenario that challenges players to defend a relic from hordes of enemies. Players must unite to successfully protect the relic for 20 minutes, at which point they are rewarded with rare, high-level items—but that’s easier said than done. As the countdown timer ticks away, increasingly dangerous enemies storm the relic. As players rack up kills, they unlock relic heals and other bonuses at certain milestones. Meanwhile, surviving longer grants them access to environmental aids, such as exploding barrels, defensive spikes and even an earthquake attack that deals massive damage to all enemies. To survive the 20 minutes and claim their prize, players must work together as a cohesive team, supporting each other as the overwhelming hordes bear down on them.

En Masse Entertainment is also pleased to announce a new series of e-book stories to be released starting March 15. Expanding upon TERA’s rich lore, these e-books provide passionate players with a deeper glimpse into TERA’s world and will be available on for $0.99 each. The first story, The Amaranthine Heart, is an adventure novelette by Bridget McKenna that takes fans on a journey with a decorated Valkyon Federation hero who’s fallen on hard times. To clear his heavy debts, the former soldier Madoc must escort a castanic crime lord’s caravan to Val Aureum, the site of the battle that gave him both fame and grim memories. Madoc faces a rendezvous with death, destiny and his past at Val Aureum’s Dark Cathedral when the caravan confronts a mysterious blood magician who has promised the castanic lord eternal life.

BOOK: To purchase the e-book please visit this link:

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