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Une nouvelle plateforme de communication pour TERA

Ecrit par Aemaeth, le 10-08-2011

La Plateforme Crisp sera intégrée à TERA Online lors du lancement du jeu au printemps 2012.
Cette plateforme délivre de nombreux outils aux développeurs et aux modérateurs de jeu.
En outre elle permet d’avoir de nombreuses statistiques sur le jeu, de voir les performances de celui-ci, de détecter les comportements étranges des joueurs et d’agir directement sur le contenu social de TERA.
De plus le système possède des protections contre des attaques possibles (hack, fishing…) et va permettre de lutter contre les vendeurs d’or ou les bots.
Ce sera donc un outil essentiel pour les modérateurs, puisque le système permettra d'automatiser certaines interventions de manière à laisser plus de temps à la live team pour gérer les problèmes plus importants.

Vous pouvez retrouver l’annonce, en anglais, dans la suite de la news.



LEEDS, UK – August 10, 2011 – Crisp Thinking announced today that their unique, automated community management platform will be integrated into TERA, a next-generation, action based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to be launched in Spring 2012 by En Masse Entertainment.

The Crisp Platform tackles threats including gold farming, spam bots, griefing, power levelling and phishing attacks by detecting irregular in-game behaviour; patterns within online chat and social graph activity in real time. It detects bad behaviour and monitors trading activity in real time; automatically deals with low-level behaviour in accordance with rules set by moderators; and prioritises and escalates more severe problems to moderation teams.

Seattle-based En Masse is the latest in a long line of global companies to integrate the Crisp Platform to manage and moderate all online content within private online communities, MMOs, Virtual Worlds and public Social Media. Operating in more than 10 languages, the Crisp Platform is the only automated, real-time technology available that uses a combination of machine learning heuristics, concept analysis, filtering technology and reputation analysis – stopping threats to online game economies, keeping brands safe and enhancing the experience for players.

“We chose the Crisp Thinking Platform because it really is the very best available. In testing we’ve been extremely impressed with its performance. The Crisp Platform automates many of the functions of human moderators, which allows our live team to spend their time moderating serious issues and helping players,” said Patrick Wyatt, Chief Operating Officer, En Masse Entertainment. “MMOs are judged by how well they deliver a compelling gameplay experience. A crucial element is how well they respond to and deal with anti-social behaviour and threats such as gold farming, griefing and spamming – unchecked, these threats can destroy even the most popular online games. The Crisp Thinking Platform is one of the key components we’ll be using to keep the TERA game environment safe and fun for our players.

TERA is a new class of game that combines all the depth of an MMO with the visceral gratification of an action combat game. Players master their destiny using a  dynamic combat system in which player skill—not just stats—determine success or failure in a richly detailed game world. Individual player actions can transform the balance of power in a world where old rivalries are erased, and disparate races must form a common federation to stave off destruction by marauding monsters and warring gods.

About Crisp

Crisp Thinking is the global leader in online community management software. Our revolutionary technology tackles the problems that have plagued the online gaming and social network industry for years – problems other developers avoid.

A unique single system solution, the Crisp Community Management Platform is the first automated enterprise-level system that helps companies manage and moderate all online content within both private online communities, MMOs, Virtual Worlds and public Social Media.

Across territories, in all online spaces, the Crisp Platform automates, aggregates, escalates and processes in real time. Everything. Everywhere. Crisp makes it possible to manage communities and reputations across multiple platforms and spaces.

Operating in multiple languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Swedish, the Crisp Platform has an independently tested accuracy rating of 98.4 per cent in the detection of online predators. It has been proven to save more than 80 per cent in moderation costs, allowing companies to bring on huge numbers of new customers without the corresponding rise in customer service / moderation staff.

Crisp Technology protects more than 380 million online users worldwide and our clients include Sony Online Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, the LEGO Group, Kidzbop, Sweety High, Vizwoz, Bin Weevils and Weeworld.

About En Masse Entertainment

En Masse Entertainment is a specialist MMO publisher based in Seattle, Washington. The company’s mission is to use its expertise to bring stellar online games to new markets. TERA, En Masse’s inaugural Action MMORPG project, is being developed by Bluehole Studio, Inc. The close-knit team at En Masse includes experts in online technology, game production, branding, community, and localization, allowing them to bring online games to Western audiences at the highest levels of quality and cultural relevance.

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