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Découverte de régions en vidéos

Ecrit par Proteus, le 23-10-2010

En Masse Entertainment vous propose de partir à la découverte des deux continents de Tera, Shara et Arun, au travers de vidéos présentant différentes régions de ces continents.
Cette semaine, nous découvrons "Celestial Hills" et "Pora Elinu", deux ambiances différentes, une à la végétation luxuriante, l'autre un peu moins verte, jonchée de monolithes plantés ici et là.
Découvrez ces deux vidéos à la suite de cette nouvelle.


En Masse Entertainment Unveils New Environment Flythrough Videos

The Celestial Hills and Pora Elinu

En Masse Entertainment is pleased to unveil the latest entries in a series of flythrough videos showcasing Shara and Arun, the two continents that make up the beautiful world of the upcoming Action MMORPG TERA.

The Celestial Hills
Mysterious floating monoliths dominate the reddish-brown landscape of the Celestial Hills. Their presence is a mystery for players to explore as they journey through the area - no present-day inhabitants know the true nature of the monoliths dating back to before the Divine War that ended with the gods’ power diminished and the rise of the Age of Mortals.

Players would also be wise to keep an eye on their surroundings. Savage bands of orcans and sinister clusters of cultists lurk in the ancient ruins nearby...

Pora Elinu

Named for Elinu, the creator goddess of the popori, the lands surrounding the tree city of Pora Elinu evoke the poporis' origin as nature spirits, with lush groundcover and light forests flanking numerous ponds and glades.

The popori have grown accustomed to the perpetual night caused by Elinu's death millennia ago, and their mischief is aided by the bright orbs and glowing shrubs dotting the land. The popori revere Elinu's final resting place and have made it the center of their culture and government.

However, the beautiful landscape holds a population in turmoil, as cultists and tribes of tuwangi assail those who dare venture through. Should players make it past the crews of warriors, there are still tales of dangerous blood-thirsty creatures known as vampirs looming in the darkness...

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